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Twenty Dollar Gold
1876-CC$20 Gold Coin NGC AU58$ 8,000.00
1877$20 Gold Coin PCGS MS62$ 3,100.00
1877-CC$20 Gold Coin PCGS AU50$ 5,500.00
1877-S$20 Gold Coin PCGS MS62$ 3,900.00
1878$20 Gold Coin PCGS MS62$ 2,500.00
1878-S$20 Gold Coin PCGS MS62$ 4,525.00
1878-S$20 Gold Coin PCGS AU58$ 1,500.00
1879-S$20 Gold Coin NGC AU55$ 1,500.00
1879-S$20 Gold Coin PCGS AU50$ 1,400.00
1882-CC$20 Gold Coin PCGS XF45$ 3,500.00
1882-CC$20 Gold Coin PCGS AU50$ 4,250.00
1883-CC$20 Gold Coin NGC AU55$ 4,800.00
1883-CC$20 Gold Coin PCGS AU53$ 4,350.00
1883-S$20 Gold Coin PCGS MS62$ 1,900.00
1884-CC$20 Gold Coin PCGS AU53$ 3,750.00
1884-CC$20 Gold Coin PCGS AU58$ 6,750.00
1884-S$20 Gold Coin NGC MS61$ 1,500.00
1887-S$20 Gold Coin NGC MS62$ 3,400.00
1889-CC$20 Gold Coin NGC AU53$ 5,250.00
1889-CC$20 Gold Coin NGC AU55$ 6,250.00
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